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Weekend Family Bonding





A virtual school to learn empathy, emotional literacy, leadership, and Nonviolent Communication strategies for young people, families, and schools.

Courses & Workshops

Emotional literacy and empathy for children & teens

Self-esteem and leadership for youth

Nonviolent Communication workshop for parents

Nonviolent Communication workshop for schools

Family Counselling

Our Story
We began from the childhood hurt that we struggled to heal. We then aspired to provide a listening space that we imagined to have as children and teenagers. We want young people to have a supportive space to openly share their thoughts and problems. We want to offer practical tools to help them better understand themselves and the world around them. We want to share with them all the strategies and methods we studied, which have proven to work for us- not only as practitioners but also as healing individuals. Our empathic pedagogy aims to guide our students to learn how to empathize with themselves so they can independently solve their inner and outer conflicts. We want our students to care for themselves and everything else that coexists;
in order to build a more empathic world. 
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