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A journey to

empathy begins

"What are they feeling?"

"What are their needs that have not been fulfilled?"

Acting & Drama Classes

This 10-session empathy training course includes two modules. Module 1 cultivates intrapersonal knowledge with activities designed to guide our students to better understand themselves and their emotions. Module 2 develops interpersonal skills with applicable strategies for students to relate to others and understanding another person’s feelings, thoughts, and needs.

Module 1 (Intrapersonal Knowledge)

Session 1 : Who am I ?

Session 2 : Exploring anger.

Session 3: Re-framing worries.

Session 4: Self-love

Session 5: Calming down: Self-regulation techniques.

Singing & Dance
Module 2 (Interpersonal Knowledge)

Session 1 : Perspective-taking skills.

Session 2 : Talking through a conflict 1

Session 3: Talking through a conflict 2

Session 4: Being the bigger person.

Session 5: Collaborative skills.

Training includes:
  • Breath-work

  • Mindfulness

  • Creative Writing

  • Therapeutic Art

  • Storytelling

  • Role-playing

  • Private Consultations & Counselling

Why is this work important?

 Each of us was born with empathy. But as a result of technology and competitive materialistic culture, empathy tends to get suppressed and subconsciously devalued.

In this diverse and globalized world, empathy is an essential foundation to unite people. The ability to empathically relate to oneself and others -to understand, care and act with compassion- is vital to our lives enabling us to live peacefully, get along, collaborate more effectively and thrive as a civil society that respects all beings on earth including animals and nature.

 Empathy raises young people to build a culture that cares. 

And we care.

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