Sinead Madden

Currently based in Ireland, Teacher Sinead is a holistic educator who has nurtured many young individuals towards positive self-discovery. The tools used to guide students in her class include Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), storytelling, creative writing, and mindfulness training to trauma healing.

She is also a dancer and a singer-songwriter who has written many songs that can uplift your days. She is the kind of teacher who can  help you manifest your own superstar projects!

Azzad Mahdzir-Sariza

Teacher Azzad is a multi-disciplinary artist, educator and meditation advocate. He is also a theatre all-rounder, director, copywriter, performer and a self-taught graphic and visual designer. He taught in a high school in India and West Malaysia and became a lecturer in colleges in East Malaysia between 2005 and 2010. He has also collaborated, produced, and run creative workshops for youth with a local NGO and an art foundation. 

Since 2017, he combined mindfulness into his creative repertoire, which inspired Sepupu Bermimpi (2020), his performative work that premiered in Jogjakarta. He is currently exploring healing work for marginalised bodies and art therapy, while building a practical toolbox to live in times of crises through his project, Sakti Bakti.


We listen with empathy. We care.

Illya Sumanto



Teacher Illya is an internationally recognized educator and a children’s theater director who specializes in emotional literacy, critical pedagogy and therapeutic art. She has facilitated and produced shows with children in Asia, Europe, and Africa. In 2018, she received an award from University Malaya’s Education Faculty upon graduating her Master’s degree for her role in championing Spoken Word in education. Currently based in China, she is also the creator of How to Survive the Apocalypse for Kids, a Youtube series that teaches children survival skills.

Our Community

Empathy For Youth community of holistic educators have an extensive range of experience performing and teaching holistic & therapeutic art in the name of intra-personal and societal transformation. Our curriculum focuses on cultivating empathy as well as emotional literacy, authentic expression, open creative exploration, self-efficacy, peer support and collaboration; to help build a culture that cares.

Student Feedback

“I like this class because it helps me with my problems and it's really fun. I love this class because it helps me calm down when I get angry and there are special ways to deal with fear and anger and sadness and loneliness.. ” 


Tajah Ngono, 8, Senegal.


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